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Six shows off eye-catching modular video rig

Every component in this video rig can be swapped and configured for use in almost any scenario. Did we mention it's also built to military spec?

Shawn Low/CNET Asia

COLOGNE, Germany--The gleaming exoskeleton of Six's rail system immediately caught our eye here at Photokina 2012 with its out-of-this-world appearance that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. For the uninitiated, a video rail system is often used by professionals to mount a dSLR and other accessories for video capture.

Markus Sattler, founder of Six tells us the rail system is made for videographers looking to film in the harshest weather conditions. He explained that the key element is the highly modular nature of the rail system, which gives users the flexibility to swap and attach individual arms and components in any configuration depending on the shooting scenario.

The different components that make up the ecosystem of the Six video rail system. Shawn Low/CNET Asia

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the system only uses stainless steel screws. All the different parts have been hard-anodized, a process that makes the material more durable to impact damage. The various accessory components are all CNC-machined and laser-etched for a cleaner finish.

In our brief hands-on, the company's Heavy Duty Shoulder Rig came across as pretty lightweight even with a Canon EOS 60D kit mounted. It felt lighter than the typical rail system, yet it has a good heft and distributes the weight evenly on our shoulders.

The rail system's basic Heavy Duty Shoulder Rig goes for 1,600 euros (about $2,078) and includes a camera adapter (depending on the model of your dSLR), a shoulder pad, twin rods, and an accessory arm.

Shawn Low/CNET Asia

(Source: Crave Asia)