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SitOrSquat tells you where to go (literally)

Find a place to go to the bathroom with SitOrSquat, a simple site that's got great mobile apps that take advantage of GPS and your phone's camera to document all things human.

SitOrSquat is a handy service that helps you find the nearest public bathroom. Unlike MizPee, which has been doing this since October of last year, SitOrSquat has gotten its act together enough to put out two great apps for iPhones and Blackberry phones. The key benefit of these being the inclusion of GPS, which narrows down where you are with just one click. If you're in a hurry--which is inevitable when using a service like this, this feature is immensely helpful.

In addition to its GPS locating, the mobile application lets you take photos of the facilities from your phone's camera, which go into a central library others can eyeball before they go. You can also add new locations right from your device, which will get pushed up live to the service's network of bathrooms.

SitOrSquat throws in all the bells and whistles you'd expect for a bathroom-rating social network. Registered users can rate each location on a five-star scale. This meta-rating gets translated into a recommendation of whether your should sit or squat, with the latter being undesirable.

One thing that's missing from the mobile app, and present on the actual site is information on whether or not the bathroom has any sort of prerequisites to get in, such as a purchase or a key. It's also missing the hours of operation, something which can be helpful if you're trying to use the application at night or on the weekends when a business might be closed. Mizpee has both of these features, and they can be total deal breakers in your hunt for porcelain.

If you're an iPhone user you can pick up the app here (iTunes warning). BlackBerry users have the option to either download the app or run it as a WAP version over the air.

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Find nearby bathrooms to do your business, either on the Web or on your phone with some smart little mobile apps. CNET Networks