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Site created to share Live Mesh invites

Blogger Long Zheng creates a site where those with Live Mesh invites can share them with others eager to try out the Microsoft service.

After getting into the limited beta for Microsoft's Live Mesh, blogger Long Zheng wanted to find a way to share the opportunity.

It turns out that each person who gets added to the beta gets to invite a few others, by sharing files with them.

"As soon as I got my own invite, I started thinking of the original 'Gmail invite sharing' Web site and began to build one for Live Mesh," Zheng said on his Istartedsomething blog. "Thus, was born. If you would like a Live Mesh invite or have one to share, I encourage you to check it out."

So far, more than 190 invitations have been shared via the site. Some 1,400 people have registered seeking invitations.

Microsoft announced a beta of Live Mesh at last week's Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, but said the test would be limited initially to about 10,000 testers. The company said it expects to continue adding testers, with plans for a broad beta this fall.