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Sit your 'tude in the Mood Chair

The Mood Chair by Aether & Hemera changes colors in reaction to your mood.

Mood Chair
Aether & Hemera

With the IKEA aesthetic taking over so many homes, you might be yearning for furniture that reflects your mood. Literally. The interactive Mood Chair by U.K. designers Aether & Hemera "changes color in response to the colors that its sensors perceive from the environment and the users."

Is it accurate? We're not sure. But we give the artists props for reminding us of mood rings from our adolescent years.

Aether & Hemera play with LED lights, fiber optics, projections, and UV lamps, creating installations that explore light and its power to trigger a sense of identity or set a mood. Although the partially translucent Mood Chair may never make it into living rooms, the design would sit well in a commercial setting.

(Via Technabob)