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Sit down and grill a while

The Snow Peak Garden Dining Table combines a picnic table with an outdoor grill.

Relax and grill.
Relax and grill. Snow Peak

Gathering around the outdoor grill is a time-honored tradition that occurs during warm-weather (and sometimes not-so-warm) months. As with every tradition, certain customs are upheld--whether intentional or not. Most grill sessions look remarkably similar: guests standing around a grill edging for position or trenched into lawn chairs that inhibit access to the grill surface.

Not all stationary-friendly grills are of the low-to-the-ground variety. A comfortable variation on the theme is the Snow Peak Garden Dining Table. Offering seating for four, the picnic table combines an outdoor grill directly into its structure. It features a center cutout (additional leafs can be purchased to convert it to a fully-covered table) that houses a common cooking area; the table converts to a number of different configurations. Two sizes of charcoal grills are available that embed directly into the table, and for maximum versatility, single- or double-burner stoves are also available.

Allowing guests to prepare their own meals while they relax, the table offers a unique dimension to outdoor dining. With the ability to grill in a traditional manner--or to use optional equipment for added versatility--grillers can enjoy the freedom to cook what they want while seated comfortably around the grill, no jostling for position necessary.

(Via Born Rich)