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Sirius TV debuts in Chryslers

Sirius "backseat TV" expands radio company into video.

Chrysler will be the first car company to offer "Backseat TV" from Sirius. At first glance that reads like a typo--TV from a radio company? But bits is bits and this proves it.

The service gets its name from its target audience: antsy kids in the back seat. They'll have three channels of live, family-oriented stuff to watch from Nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

Subscribers will find two small antennas on the roof of their new Chrysler, a receiver box installed inside, and the video showing up screens in the back seat area. Backseat TV and Sirius radio can be streamed simultaneously. The option will cost $470 for the reception hardware, and $7.00 per month on top of a $12.95 monthly Sirius radio subscription.

Sirius could easily offer any TV network this way, assuming they can cut the right deal. But one gets the feeling the company is entering the TV space gingerly so as not to annoy local broadcasters any more than necessary, especially since the proposed merger with XM is up for regulatory approval as we speak.

Backseat TV will be available, expectedly, on minivans like the 2008 Town & Country and Grand Caravan.