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Sirius tries to upstage iTunes with McCartney news

Former Beatle Paul McCartney will perform at an exclusive concert for listeners of satellite radio Sirius XM.

Not to be outdone by Apple's announcement that The Beatles are coming to iTunes, Sirius XM said today that one of two surviving Beatles will perform at a concert held by the satellite radio service.

Paul McCartney will perform live at the Apollo Theater in New York on December 13. Sirius, the long struggling company, is putting on the show to celebrate reaching 20 million subscribers.

Sirius will broadcast the concert live and offer subscribers a chance to attend the event. Earlier today, Apple announced that The Beatles catalog is now available on iTunes.

Once plagued by financial issues and competition from digital music services, Sirius has lately reported positive numbers. The company recently raised its revenue guidance for the full year to at least $2.8 billion.