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Siri runs on iPad, but Apple ignores it

Developer successfully ports Siri to a jailbroken original iPad, but Apple's servers still won't play nice with Siri on anything other than an iPhone 4S.

Siri on the iPad
Can you hear me now? Jackoplane

I talk to my iPad 2 all the time, but it never answers me back. Still, there is a small kernel of hope that Siri may one day start chatting me up via my Apple tablet.

Developer Jackoplane posted Twitter screenshots of a successful port of Siri to a jailbroken first-generation iPad. That's exciting news for jailbroken-iPad users, but there is a wrench here.

Apple's servers have their ears plugged and they're saying, "La, la, la, I can't hear you!" every time Siri tries to talk to them. The servers, you see, only recognize Siri when it's coming from an iPhone 4S.

We've already seen the same issue with porting Siri to older iPhones. Without an assist from the data servers, Siri is pretty much hobbled.

Developers are busy trying to come up a solution that will set Siri free on older devices. We'll keep you posted.

(Via Engadget)