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Siri just might be the world's worst waitress

Jimmy Kimmel is out to show the world just how bad Apple's personal assistant app Siri really is by showing how Siri would perform as a waitress. Crickets, cheese and chowder, anyone?

Siri might be billed as a smart personal assistant, but oftentimes the software is anything but. Not to mention that a new study by AAA and the University of Utah found that hands-free assistance from voice-activated systems such as Siri can present their own distractions for drivers. (The study did not look at CarPlay or Siri Eyes Free, services Apple claims will reduce distractions once they're widely available.)

On Tuesday night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel demonstrated some of Siri's shortcomings with a skit that showed how Siri would perform as a waitress. And, yes, the results are about as funny as you'd expect from Siri and Kimmel.

For example, when Kimmel tried to order a coffee, Siri directed him to the six coffee shops that were "fairly close to him." When he ordered a chicken Caesar salad, Siri brought him a bowl of crickets, cheese and chowder.

Of course, Kimmel isn't the only one -- Microsoft mocks Siri too. But who's funnier?