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Siren wants to make a little noise

Tiny MP3 player competes with Shuffle

Ministry of Tech

As MP3 players continue to shrink into nanodom, it only makes sense that they should be designed as wearable objects or even fine jewelry. Repackaging is a longstanding marketing practice anyway, especially when technologies begin to enter the commodity phase of their life cycle.

The latest MP3 player from Siren won't be mistaken for anything at Tiffany's, but it is easily wearable at just under 1 ounce--a tad heavier than the newest Shuffle (if you can call any of these tiny things "heavy"). And as Ministry of Tech notes, the DAP100 does have twice the storage capacity of its iPod counterpart, at 2GB, as well as a small OLED screen. No word on price or availability yet, but it's likely coming out on the Asian markets first.