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Sir Howard Stringer: Wannabe blogger?

Read why the man who heads all of Sony's far-flung operations in the U.S. has a secret hankering to blog until the cows come home.

Being the boss doesn't mean you can automatically say what's on your mind. Just ask Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony of America, who's been striving to get Sony's varied and sometimes contentious businesses to work toward a common goal. In an interview with CNET, the former journalist talked about the blogging phenomenon and how it might someday work for him:

"There's an astonishing amount of information coming at you--and from a lot of different directions. That, in a way, is an extraordinary way to check and balance. And that is a good thing. The difficulty is sorting it out. That is why God invented editors. I find it very stimulating. I think sometimes that if I retire, I'll become a blogger and finally say all the things I've always wanted to say."

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