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Sir Alex Ferguson retires, sparking 1m tweets in an hour

Sir Alex Ferguson, boss of Manchester United for 26 years, has retired, sparking a frenzy of reaction from all across the globe.

Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United for 26 years, has retired, sparking a frenzy of social media reaction from across the globe.

The official Manchester United Twitter feed broke the news this morning with the simple words "Sir Alex Ferguson retires. #thankyousiralex" -- and Twitter exploded.

The original tweet official has been retweeted or favourited more than 23,000 times, heralding more than 1.4 million mentions of the story in just an hour.

Predictably enough the story of Surralex's retirement quickly dominated the UK trending topics, but the story went global too. In fact, #ThankYouSirAlex was Twitter’s number one global trend within eight minutes of the original tweet.

A great number of those are made up of a joke about a scouser and a genie being repeated without credit by many tweeters, but we won't repeat it. As yet, there are no stats about how many times Sir Alex has threatened to retire before.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Manchester rival Vincent Kompany were among the many tweeters playing tribute to Fergie (for the benefit of our American readers, we're still talking about the Scotlandish soccerball guy, not her off of the Black Eyed Peas).

In 26 years in the Old Trafford dugout, 71-year-old Fergie won an incredible 28 trophies including 13 league titles (still talking about the soccerkickball guy).

Right, that's the end of this story, but as a tribute to Sir Alex we're going to add another six minutes of extra time.

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