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Sinister potatoes haunt horror movie parody trailer

Malevolent potatoes star in a terrifying trailer for "Peeled: The Potato Resurrection" that also features one of the greatest horror screams ever filmed.

Some things are inherently scary, like certain clowns, excessively large spiders, children standing in cornfields in Nebraska and potatoes. Wait, potatoes? Yes, potatoes. You just need to watch the horror film parody trailer "Peeled: The Potato Resurrection" to realize how truly frightening those seemingly innocent tubers can be.

"Peeled" features a lot of typical horror tropes. It kicks off with a Ouija board session. There's a happy couple whose lives become entangled in a deadly struggle. Hallucinogenic potato-fueled visions haunt our heroine. There's plenty of fake blood; some of it even comes shooting out of a wounded potato.

And gird your ears for one of the finest scream-queen efforts ever filmed: the final "Ruuuuuuuuun!" should get its own special Oscar.

Writer, producer and star Katrina Naficy posted the video on Wednesday. Cinematographer, director and editor Nick Massey shared the trailer on Reddit, mentioning that it took 300 potatoes to bring the parody to life.

"Peeled" fits right into a horror world full of supremely silly "Sharknado" sequels. Perhaps we'll get a follow-up titled "Potatonado."