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Single-use monocle may be nerdiest accessory ever on Kickstarter

Forget goggles. Today's discerning hipster geek prefers the distinctive look of a classy monocle, carried in a convenient single-serving size.

Single-use monocle
A monocle for when you need it most. SMBC

You have a top hat. Your tuxedo is pressed and ready to go. Your silver-handle cane is at the ready. Only one thing is missing to complete your retro-hipster ensemble: a monocle. Never fear. Just reach for a Gentleman's Single-Use Monocle, rip open the package and place it in front of your eye. A Kickstarter campaign wants to put an emergency monocle in the pocket of every dapper fop with a desire for pretentious eyewear.

What elevates this from a straight-up novelty to a full-on gag gift is the packaging. The monocle uses a condom-style wrapper and sports the full name of "Gentleman's Single-Use Unlubricated Monocle." The backside of the wrapper is clear to show off the contents. Is it a bit immature? Absolutely.

The frame is made of plastic. The plastic lens is clear so as to not distort your vision. The short chain is made of gold-colored iron. A single monocle is going for a $6 (about £4, AU$8) pledge. Opera-goers, Victorian reenactors and dandy-geeks might want to pledge $1,000 (about £679, AU$1,314) for a pack of 200 monocles.

Pent-up demand for single-use monocles has led to the campaign exceeding its original $25,000 funding goal, topping $58,000 with 28 days left to run.

The project's backers are reveling in the campaign's success, offering up comments like "Will there be a left-eyed version or only the right-eyed version available?" and "This is BY FAR both the dumbest and most awesome thing I have backed on KS." Dumb and awesome. That pretty much sums it up.

Monocles in packaging
This should wrap up the single-use monocle market. SMBC