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Epic geeky wedding fuses Warcraft with Lord of the Rings

A Singapore couple chose their wedding to declare their love -- not just for each other, but for their favourite fantasy franchises.

What happens when a Warcraft die-hard ties the knot with a Tolkien fangirl? For Muhammad Zaki and his bride, Siti Zahara, it meant a wedding with oversized swords, gruff voices, big armour and many flowing robes.

The wedding, which was part theatre and part celebration, transformed a hotel ballroom in downtown Singapore into a Warcraft-style battlefield. During the ceremony, friends of the couple engaged in random choreographed battles while dressed up as their favourite characters from the series.

You can see the elaborate showdown below.

The groomsmen were dressed as members of World of Warcraft's shady Defias Brotherhood, while the bridesmaids took to more Elven robes. The groom went for a custom Arthas Menethil number, complete with replica Frostmourne, and the bride dressed as Arwen.

"It is important because this geekdom is part of who we are and something that we both love," Zahara, a creative-writing teacher, explained. "We didn't want to have just another generic wedding."

This is not Zaki's first time in the news for fantasy-themed weddings, as he was the brains behind an awesome Diablo-themed wedding shoot for a couple who met while playing Blizzard's RPG.

It's also not the first Warcraft-themed wedding, but comes after the franchise was revitalised in 2016 with the well-received Legion expansion pack and the not-so-well-received (but commercially successful) "Warcraft" film.