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Singapore leads the world in mobile download speeds

The tiny island state ranks first among 77 nations with an average download speed for 4G LTE of 46.6Mbps, a new report says. South Korea isn't far behind.

OpenSignal compared 4G LTE speeds in 77 nations.


If you want to spend time in a country with insane mobile download speeds, Singapore and South Korea will be at the top of your list. 

Norway, Hungary and the Netherlands are good choices too, according to wireless-coverage mapping company OpenSignal's report released Wednesday.

Singapore led 77 nations with a 46.6Mbps average download speed for 4G LTE, with South Korea not far behind with an average of 45.9Mbps. Rounding out the top five were three European countries: Norway at 42.03Mbps, Hungary at 42Mbps and the Netherlands at 38.91Mbps. By contrast, the US was toward the bottom of the list at 13.98Mbps.

To get its numbers, OpenSignal took 50 billion measurements from 3.8 million devices between July 1 and October 1. It found that LTE speeds average 16.6Mbps worldwide, with a "huge influx of new 4G users in developing countries" such as India boosting speeds in the lower half of its rankings.

The report also noted that while growth in LTE speeds have slowed since its last report in June, access has increased, with carriers in developing country aimed at converting current 3G users to 4G.