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Aloysius Low/CNET

Secretlab gaming chairs now available in the US

The Singapore-based gaming chair company takes on the US market.

Singapore-based gaming chair maker Secretlab has opened shop in the US.

Following launches in most parts of Southeast Asia and Australia, Secretlab has rented out a warehouse in Tennessee, with plans to add another warehouse in California next year.

While it has a variety of chairs in its stable, the company plans to launch just two models in the US, the Omega and the Titan. The Titan is designed for those bigger in size.

What sets these chairs apart from other gaming chairs is the lack of fancy racing stripes, which allows them to blend in more discreetly in formal office settings.

"Since our launch, we've always had American fans asking us if our products...There were some complications as we couldn't ship to the US because of how costly it was as our chairs are really heavy and bulky," said Secretlab co-founder Ian Ang, in an interview with CNET.

"We wouldn't have been able to maintain our expected level of customer support when we didn't have enough customer support resources as well as a local warehouse for spare parts," he said. "So we made the decision to not sell to the US until we had everything set up properly."

Depending on location, delivery to the US can take up to eight days. But most US residents will get their chair in two to five day, Secretlab said.

Like in its other markets, the company will offer a two-year warranty and promises to respond within 24 hours to service inquiries.

"We've always prided ourselves on post-sales support. A chair is a longterm purchase and we want customers to feel good about their purchase," said Alaric Choo, Secretlab's other co-founder.

If you're on the fence, be sure to check out our Omega hands-on. For really tall folks, Secretlab's Titan, which looks similar to the Omega, is designed with a taller backrest and wider seat so you don't have to squeeze into it.

You can also head over to Secretlab's site if you want to grab a chair this holiday season.