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Singapore automates the dining experience

It feels like buying from a vending machine, only in this case, it's hot Japanese grub.

Crave Asia

Forget the Slow Food movement. True geeks are in a rush to spend their cash on the latest electronics, not snobby epicure. So when we spotted a fast-food restaurant that's automated, our heart rates sped up accordingly.

Kitchen Mogu Mogu is a Singapore-based Japanese fast-food restaurant that styles itself after similar dining concepts in Japan. In fact, it feels like buying from a vending machine, only in this case it's hot Japanese grub, not sodas or candy bars.

The transaction is easy. Tap the touch screen for your orders and make your payment. You can choose to pay using cash (notes and coins) or EZ-link (a Singapore wireless card payment system). Next, you just have to pick up your order at the next counter.

The human factor can still be problematic. I can't remember how many times I've had to repeat my order or hold my tongue when my double beef patty was somehow transformed into a soggy fish sandwich.

So should your next order at Kitchen Mogu Mogu turn awry, you only have yourself to blame. But if you crave a human touch, the restaurant has a sweet young woman hand to coach the novices, or if you need to scream at something other than a machine.

(Source: Crave Asia)