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Singapore Airlines offers iPod-friendly skies

The media player, as well as the iPhone, can play music and videos on their exclusive system.

Every day it seems we get little closer to being fully wired--or unwired, as the case may be--in midair. And we think it's about time.

No longer flying solo Apple

A day after iPass said it would provide in-flight Wi-Fi roaming, Singapore Airlines announced that it is now offering connectivity for iPods and iPhones on its "KrisWorld" in-flight entertainment system on its Airbus A340-500 planes, according to iLounge. That means you can plug the devices into the system with a standard 30-pin connector and then watch your own video on a personal 15.4-inch widescreen LCD (there's one at each seat in the section) or listen to your playlist on its noise-cancellation headphones, which will break in to tell you when you have to shut it off, presumably.

Other airlines have offered this kind of system, such as United, but they're still relatively rare. Plus there's always a catch, and in this case it's called business class. But it's a start. Just don't expect your precious gadgets to get a similarly warm welcome on ATA Airlines anytime soon.