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Sing for search results with iPhone app

Music search engine Midomi releases an iPhone app that can name that tune.

Singing into an iPhone may garner some strange looks, but an application by Midomi encourages users to croon, hum, speak into their device. In return they will get the song title, name, and a link to buy the mp3 from iTunes. The service also works with SMS.

New Midomi iPhone app.
Singing and humming are just two of the ways to search for songs on the Midomi iPhone app. Midomi

With the new Midomi Mobile application (download), iPhone users can find an artist or song with voice or text search. The app also has the ability to "grab" a recording of a song to use for search. Users just have to hold their iPhone up to a speaker and submit the music clip.

Once song seekers find what they are looking for, they can buy the song or album from iTunes. Midomi will also link to related videos on YouTube or send the song to a friend.

The Midomi Web site has offered the online service to users since early 2007. The original software received a positive review from, and made it to the finals of the 2008 Webware 100 contest.

The company says it has a one-of-a-kind platform because it offers many music search formats. It also says singers can be off key or mispronounce lyrics and the search engine will still get it right.

The Midomi Mobile app is free and available in the new iTunes 7.7 App store (download for Mac or Windows) that was released on Thursday.