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Sinch stows headphone wires in a cinch

$15.99 cord-management gadget slips around your headphone jack and allows wires to be wrapped around your device.


It's 2011, and I can't believe that I'm still untangling headphone wires like I did in 1983. It's one of those things, along with gasoline engines and coins, I wish would become genuinely obsolete.

The Sinch is designed to eliminate cord chaos. It's marvelously simple--it attaches to your mobile device at the headphone jack and folds over itself to keep your wires from messing with your keys, ninja tools, and other stuff in your pockets.

Magnets in the elastic strip secure it to the device, around which users can naturally wrap their headphone cords. Then, all it takes is folding the band over to secure the cords in place. To release them, simply tug on the cord.

Produced by Dune Road Design and designed by Frog Design, the Sinch is billed as the only cord management gadget that allows headphones to remain connected to a device while allowing users to store them too.

The Sinch is now available in black or white for $15.99 through Facebook and, with other colors to follow.