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Simple innovation makes superuseful apron

This apron with a removable cotton dishtowel offers a major imrprovement on a product you probably never think about.

Fashion, meet function. Just Perfect

I cook a lot, and I've recently discovered the joy of aprons. Do you know about this invention? Did you know aprons cover your clothes so they don't get dirty while you're cooking and cleaning in the kitchen? I managed to go through many of my 33 years on this planet without realizing this.

But even after I discovered the existence of the apron, I wasn't always willing to wear one, instead using my outfit as a catchall for spills, jar opening, utensil drying, and so on.

Part of the problem is that I didn't want to wear a giant plastic apron that restricted my movements and made noise every time I breathed. And I didn't want something so hideous I'd be ashamed to answer the door.

Fortunately, the Zip & Dry apron is functional, stylish, and supercool. It's a 100-percent cotton apron with a removable absorbent towel at the bottom. The two pieces are attached by a zipper that is beautifully integrated into the overall design of the apron.

Grab the towel to wipe off your hands or dry a glass. When the towel is too dirty to keep using, unzip it and toss it in the wash. You still have an apron to wear while you finish up.

These aprons are a bit pricey at around $40 each, but they are lovely and well made. Last-minute Mother's Day gift, anyone?