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Simple from Sony Ericsson

Simple from Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has revamped its basic phone lineup with three new GSM models that eschew digital cameras. The Z300a flip phone comes in a sleek, aerodynamic form factor and offers such simple features as text and multimedia messaging, a wireless Web browser, standard organizer applications, and Java (J2ME) games. If you don't like the gray color scheme, a purple version has been planned as well. The J220a has most of the same features in a Spartan candy bar design. You'll find it in black and sky blue. For the more demanding caller, the J230a promises a more midrange package with the addition of a speakerphone and an FM radio. The J230a comes in white, red, and blue (though not all three at once). All phones are dual band and include the GSM 850 and either the GSM 1800 or 1900 band.