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SimCity starts beta sign-up, adds Mac compatibility

Anyone awaiting SimCity's release in February 2013 can now sign up for an upcoming closed beta of the city-building game. Mac gamers get some love, too.

A newly released screenshot from SimCity, due in February 2013. EA/Maxis

A deluge of SimCity news came from EA and Maxis at the massive Gamescom gaming expo yesterday in Cologne, Germany.

Interested architects can check out the SimCity closed beta sign-up Web page that gives anyone with an Origin account the chance to get an early preview of the urban planner. The page does not, however, list when the beta occurs or how long it lasts.

Those signing up with the SimCity beta might encounter an error message -- "File upload error. Could not move uploaded file. DXDIAG file is required." -- when trying to upload DxDiag information during sign-up. The upload error may not occur for all users, but if it does, a SimCity forum post notes that adding a unique name (such as your first and last name) to the file name bypasses the issue.

In related news, a blog post on the SimCity Web site announced a Mac version of SimCity available for preorder soon. The news of a SimCity version for Mac coincides with the EA announcement at Gamescom that Origin comes to Apple's Mac operating system (and several other platforms) this year.

EA and Maxis also debuted a new video showing off SimCity World, a social plug-in that aims to connect all SimCity players. "Whether it's competing or collaborating in Global Challenges, checking your spot on the leaderboard, buying/selling resources in the Global Market, or keeping tabs on what your friends are up to with CityLog, SimCity World really pops the notion of isolated cities living in a bubble," noted a blog post on the SimCity Web site.