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SIM card spotted in Palm Pre

A Palm Pre is spotted at Mobile World Congress with a Vodafone SIM card, but the company hasn't announced the HSDPA/GSM version yet.

SIM card in Palm Pre?
SIM card in Palm Pre? PreCommunity

We were really hoping that Palm would announce the HSDPA/GSM version of the Pre during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but that didn't happen. The folks at PreCommmunity managed to get some time with the device, and in a quick shot that showed the back battery cover off, a Vodafone SIM (subscriber identity module) card was spotted.

The fact that it has a Vodafone SIM card indicates that this is a GSM version of the Pre. So even without an official statement we know that Palm doesn't only have the CDMA version ready. Just why the Sunnyvale, Calif., company is holding back on an announcement isn't clear. But these manufacturer-operator relations can be tricky, so we just have to be patient. Check out PreCommunity's video for a quick look at the Palm Pre's SIM card slot.

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