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Silverlight for Linux gets mid-2008 release date

Version 1.0 of Silverlight for Linux is set for a mid-2008 release.

While Microsoft's Silverlight recently went 1.0 for Mac and Windows users, the last time we got a progress report on the version for Linux called "Moonlight" was early September. In a report by eWeek, who was covering today's XML Conference in Boston, Novell's vice president of developer platforms, Miguel de Icaza, noted that not only is Moonlight set to release within the next six months, but they're working on getting support for all major Linux distributions. De Icaza is also quoted as saying he didn't want Moonlight to lag behind Silverlight in development, but then went on to say he expected Version 2.0 of Moonlight to make its way to users six months to a year after Mac and Windows users.

Since launching in late April, Silverlight has already shown some promise with more than 90 featured applications made by various developers, more than 40 of which were added within the last month and a half. While it hasn't made nearly as much of a footprint on popular Web sites as Flash from Adobe, the development platform is still very young.

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