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Silicon Valley startups invade Best Buy

Best Buy's new program will bring products from tech startups to consumers.


Best Buy's Mountain View store will sell items like crowdfunded products.

Best Buy

Starting this fall, if you're curious about what kinds of new tech gadgets are coming out of Silicon Valley's upstarts, check out Best Buy.

The consumer technology retailer will start carrying products and services from startups, the company said Monday, through a program called Ignite. Also part of the program is a partnership with product innovation company PCH, which works with startups on things like product development and packaging.

If you're actually in Silicon Valley, Best Buy's Mountain View store has a dedicated section offering crowdfunded gadgets like the RoBo 3D printer; audio products from brands like Muzi and Bragi; and wearable tech from Under Armor.

If you're outside the Bay Area, you can browse Ignite on the website. Many stores already carry products that came from startups like the Fizzics draft beer system, the Anova precision cooker, the Petcube pet camera, and the Prynt instant photo printer, to name a few.

Best Buy, which has about 1,400 stores and locations, generates about $40 billion in revenue annually, according to its website. This isn't the first retailer to dip into the startup scene. In October 2015, Target partnered with accelerator Techstars on a retail-focused accelerator program. Walgreens works with Postmates to deliver medications and other items to customers.

"We've worked with startups for years, but the Ignite program will make it even easier and faster for customers to get their hands on these new, cool, meaningful products from startups," Best Buy spokesperson Danielle Schumann told CNET.