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Tech Industry

Silicon Valley, Denmark has an ambassador just for you

Is Silicon Valley more influential than most countries? This Danish diplomat thinks yes.

San Jose And Its Environs

Silicon Valley is important enough for Denmark to assign it an ambassador.

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The world's first designated tech ambassador is on the verge of taking up his post in Silicon Valley, and when he does it looks as if he'll treat the region as its own country.

Casper Klynge, formerly Denmark's ambassador to Indonesia and now the country's newly appointed ambassador to Silicon Valley, will be tasked with building ties with companies like Facebook, Apple and Google.

"If you look at these companies' involvement and significance for you and me, many of them have a much greater degree of influence than most nations," said Klynge in an interview with Reuters.

The daily impact extends deeper than just the services and products they sell. These companies also have a tremendous amount of data on every ordinary citizen, he said.

Europe's relationship with Silicon Valley's tech giants isn't always an easy one. The European Union and individual countries have investigated, sued or set limits on Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and others in areas ranging from tax payments to browser, mobile software and search engine dominance to monitoring of behavior on social networks.

Technological diplomacy is one of Denmark's five foreign policy priorities, and Klynge is expected to help Denmark understand rapid changes in digital technology, as well as promote the country's interests. His new job officially begins Sept. 1.

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