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Signed Apple 1, other relics in Christie's auction

Ten lots in this online-only auction claim to trace some of the most iconic creations of the last century, and almost all of them were created by Apple.

Got half a mil? This Apple 1, straight from the garage of Steve Jobs' parents and the mind of Steve Wozniak, could be yours. Christie's

Pull out your checkbook (or your PayPal account), all you die-hard Apple fanatics. Just weeks after a working Apple 1 sold at auction in Europe for more than $600,000, another prototype of the original Apples constructed in Steve Jobs' parents' garage and designed by Steve Wozniak is up for bid, this time by Christie's in an online-only auction.

Ten lots of "iconic technology from the twentieth century" -- almost all of it old-school Apple swag -- is being auctioned off on Christie's Web site for the next two weeks.

Christie's tells CNET that the Apple 1, one of the first 25 assembled, is functional and signed by Woz himself, but there's no monitor and the auction house suggests "the buyer contact a certified computer engineer before using the device."

It remains to be seen if this Apple 1 will fetch a new record price, but it is still valued at $300,000 to $500,000 -- pretty respectable for a system without so much as a housing.

Also included in the auction are the fabled flop, the Lisa, as well as a rare 20th anniversary Macintosh and Mac Portable prototype. You can browse a gallery of some of the historical items Christie's is now accepting bids for below.

Updated at 12:55pm to add Christie's claim that the Apple 1 is still functional.