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SigmaTel Karma II?

SigmaTel Karma II?

Back in July, D&M Holdings, which produced MP3 players under the popular brand name Rio, sold its MP3 player technology to SigmaTel, no stranger to digital audio itself. However, D&M retained a license to use that technology, and it held on to the Rio brand. This led us to believe that we would still finally get a peek at the much-anticipated (though unverified) Rio Karma II, a successor that fans of the original Rio Karma have been eagerly awaiting for two years. Much to our dismay, it appears that this is not to be--D&M announced today that it is exiting the "Rio business" due essentially to the fact that the MP3 player market hasn't been profitable enough for the company to warrant further investment. What a pity. Although we may still see the Karma II enter the mass market, the fact that it will probably be without its epitomic brand name saddens us. After all, where's the ring in "SigmaTel Karma II"?