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Sidekick Blade spotted in the wild?

Hiptop3.com spotted the Sidekick Blade in the wild, and is rumored to come out this year.

Sidekick 2009 or Sidekick Blade
Sidekick 2009 or Sidekick Blade Hiptop3.com

We really don't know too much else about this, but Hiptop3.com have apparently spotted the latest Sidekick 2009, otherwise known as the Sidekick Blade, out in the wild. It looks pretty similar to the previous Sidekicks, but promises to be much thinner and lighter (Which, if you know Sidekicks at all, is a very welcome change), and it will apparently run Danger OS 5.0. It is also the first Sidekick since Microsoft bought over Danger. Like we said, there's very little else we know about the phone, but if the pictures are leaked already, it won't surprise us if it comes out early this year.