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Sideburn mounts your iPhone via Mac SD card slot

Keep your iPhone at eye level with the Sideburn, a small mount that takes advantage of the neglected SD card slot on your Mac.

Sideburn iPhone mount
Sure, your iPhone looks like a growth, but at least it's handy. Stephen Mark

Remember that "X-Files" episode when the guy had his own brother growing out of him as a detachable parasitic twin? You can get the same effect with your iPhone and a Mac thanks to the under-used SD card slot and a new Kickstarter project.

The iPhone is a fairly dainty device, but it still needs a helping hand to fit into an SD card slot. That is where the Sideburn comes in.

Sideburn mount
The Sideburn keeps a pretty low profile. (Click to enlarge.) Stephen Mark

The Sideburn is a small mount that plugs into the SD slot on an iMac or MacBook to keep your iPhone in a usable place. You won't have to tear your eyes away from your big screen to check your new messages or catch an incoming call.

You also won't risk losing your iPhone to the voracious stack of papers that has been collecting on your desk for the last five years.

The mount is made from aluminum to match the look of your other Apple products. It swivels around for an adjustable viewing angle.

The Sideburn is in fundraising mode on Kickstarter with an ambitious $35,000 goal. A $35 pledge will get you a dock of your own, should the project reach its goal. Just be sure to check that your particular Mac has an SD card slot available.