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Sick of Pokemon? There's a Chrome extension for that

The "PokeGone" Chrome extension promises to filter out all Pokemon-related content from your internet experience.

Pikachu, I choose not to see you.


The PokeGone Chrome extension promises to filter out all Pokemon-related content.


Pokemon fever is everywhere with the past week's meteoric rise of the Pokemon Go augmented reality app for Android and iOS devices. People are scrambling from PokeStop to PokeStop and loitering at gyms where their carefully collected pocket monsters can do battle with each other.

Chances are good that some of you are already sick and tired of hearing about it.

Fortunately, there's a Chrome extension that wants to help. It's called PokeGone, and once it's installed, it aims to filter out all mentions of Pokemon from your internet experience. Simple as that.

As for the nerds who keep trapping Zubats on your front lawn, you're on your own.

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