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Tigers chase drone through the snow. Can they catch it?

Siberian tigers at a Canadian zoo are frolicking in the snow and then are mesmerized by a drone filming and teasing them.

Siberian tigers apparently love to chase quadcopter drones as much as domesticated house cats do.

David Etienne Durivage, a film director and commercial drone pilot, shot a beautiful video of Siberian tigers at Zoo Sauvage de St-Felicien in Quebec, Canada, playing in the snow and trying to catch the pesky drone filming them.

The video, which posted last week on YouTube, shows tigers exploring their habitat and then noticing a drone flown by Durivage enter.

Throughout the video, two tigers -- and then a third -- stare at, chase, and jump up at the drone, which they never do catch. But it seems like the tigers are having fun simply trying to nab the flying machine out of the sky.