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Shuttle unveils powerful, liquid-cooled, compact PC for gamers

The new Shuttle SDXi Carbon features powerful specifications and a top-notch liquid cooling solution.


If you're a hard-core gamer who hates monster computer boxes, Shuttle, the maker of custom built small form-factor PCs, now offers another choice.

The company unveiled on Friday its newest liquid-cooled SDXi Carbon Extreme gaming solution.

Shuttle's Liquid I.C.E. cooling solution. Shuttle

The SDXi Carbon features a cream-of-the-crop quad-core Intel Core2 Extreme QX9770 processor, dual-slot Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 graphics card, and up to 16GB of high-speed DDR2 memory.

With these specifications, the box is designed to deliver the best possible experience for the most demanding applications and games.

Normally, this kind of powerhouse will generate a ton of heat and noise. This is why Shuttle equipped the SDXi Carbon with its Liquid I.C.E. cooling solution.

The company claims this new liquid cooling solution delivers the most efficient performance in an extreme small-form-factor system, while at the same time keeping it quiet even during the hottest gaming section.

Cosmetics-wise, the SDXi Carbon looks decent as it's painted in a unique-looking premium automotive level finish.

The Shuttle SDXi Carbon is available now as a pre-configured complete solution, starting at $2,599.