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Shure's iPhone adapter

Shure has announced the release of its Music Phone Adapter, compatible with the Apple iPhone.

Photo of Shure Music Phone iPhone Adapter.
Not the first or last iPhone adapter, but certainly one of the best looking. Shure Inc.

One of the little-mentioned aspects of the iPhone is its recessed headphone plug, liable to render some earphones incompatible. If you've invested in a sweet pair of high-end headphones or earphones for your iPod, and you're feeling a little iffy about the iPhone sending you back to the stock Apple "mug me" earbuds, then Shure's new Music Phone Adapter might be just the thing. It's a cable adapter with a built-in microphone and a control button, allowing your existing set of earphones to be adapted for the iPhone. The product, to retail for $39.99, is due out in August.