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Shred your e-mails with a typing guitar

At last, the world of rock gods has collided with the world of typing geeks with a mod that lets you type on your computer using a guitar.

David Neevel and guitar
David Neevel tests out his guitar/typing mod. Wieden-Kennedy

Having already conquered the complex process of separating the cream from an Oreo cookie, physicist David Neevel has turned his inventive eye to the issue of typing on a computer while shredding on a guitar.

Neevel connected together a Flying V guitar, an Arduino, a custom relay board, and a Roland GR-33 guitar synthesizer to turn the notes played on a guitar into a working keyboard recognized by his laptop as a typing input device. The Email Guitar lets the user rock out while getting work done.

Neevel's inspiration came from the desire to get in more guitar practice. "If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time at work looking at a computer and typing stuff into it, and then because you're doing that, you don't have as much time to be at home practicing shredding on your sweet Craigslist Flying V guitar," says Neevel in a video about the project.

There is some skill involved with playing fast and typing accurately. You have to memorize which notes trigger which letters and punctuation. You may not always get the most musically pleasing combinations when you're typing words like "depreciation," "synergy," and "incentivize."

If you're feeling ambitious, Neevel has posted the plans and code for making the typing guitar. You'll need some nifty maker skills to get the contraption up and running, but the effort should be totally worth it as you turn your cubicle into Royal Albert Hall and spend your work days shredding out reports on your guitar. Spandex and big hair is optional, but encouraged.

(Via Geekologie)