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Showtime's streaming app to reach Roku, PlayStation Vue

The cable channel is following in the footsteps of HBO by offering a streaming service designed for cord-cutters.

Roku and PlayStation Vue owners will soon have access to Showtime's new streaming app. Showtime

Roku and PlayStation Vue owners will soon be able to watch all the Showtime content they want via the cable channel's new online-only streaming service.

On Monday, Showtime announced that its new standalone streaming service will roll out in July to users of Roku TV and other Roku streaming devices as well as Sony's Playstation Vue cloud-based TV service. The news follows last week's announcement that the new Showtime app would debut next month for Apple TV and iOS users. (Showtime is owned by CBS, which also owns CNET.)

The app will deliver live broadcasts of the network's feeds from the east and west coasts and unlimited on-demand access to every season of all of Showtime's original shows. Also in the lineup will be all of Showtime's movies, documentaries and sports programs. The $11-per-month app will kick off prior to the July 12 season premieres of two of the network's popular series -- "Ray Donovan" and "Masters of Sex."

More cable customers are cutting the cord, moving away from expensive pay-TV subscription packages and turning to online services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. As a result, premium cable channels like HBO and now Showtime are chasing that trend by offering their own online-only services through which users pay a lower, monthly fee to view past and present content. The goal is to try to retain the cord-cutters as well as pick up new customers who may be willing to pay the more modest fee to watch their favorite shows.

Showtime is following HBO, which rolled out its HBO Now online-only app to Apple users in March with plans to eventually expand it to Google Android and Chromecast users. The concept is the same; the only difference is the price tag. HBO Now costs $15 a month compared with Showtime's app at $11.

"We are thrilled that Roku and Sony have come on board for our launch in early July," Showtime Networks CEO Matthew Blank said in a press release. " Both platforms have distinct and loyal audiences and together they will build on our service and greatly expand the number of homes that will have access to the Showtime service over the internet. This is fundamental to Showtime's strategy of putting the choice in the hands of the consumers regarding how, when and on what unique devices they watch our programming."

Roku users will be able to subscribe to the new streaming service by grabbing the Showtime app from the Roku Channel store on Roku players and TVs in the US and registering for a Showtime account. Those who sign up in July will get a free 30-day trial subscription to the service before the $11-per-month fee kicks in. Roku and PlayStation Vue owners can watch content on their supported devices as well as online.