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Showcase your wine

The Wine Arc allows wine aficionados to turn the night's beverage into a centerpiece.

Just let it hang. Wrapables

Every year, I spend hours searching through wine paraphernalia for something I can give my uncle. He's a true wine aficionado and has just about every wine gadget you can think of, but I've found something new for this year: the Wine Arc. This graceful wine holder turns a good bottle of wine into an elegant centerpiece. It balances bottles midair, seemingly defying gravity. It is easy to suspend the bottle; simply slip the neck of the wine bottle into the Wine Arc and gently release it. The bottle will balance itself.

The Wine Arc is minimalist, but is decorated with beautiful designs. Wrapables currently offers three different styles: Electricity, Forest, and Modern Copper, and a few other designs are to be available through other sellers. The Wine Arc is made from carefully polished wood and measures 11 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Traditional wine storage provides few options for a single bottle: most of us wind up finding a corner to stash that one odd bottle in. But with the Wine Arc, not only is storage taken care of, but that solo bottle of wine becomes a conversation piece. Wrapables has the Wine Arc for $24.95.