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Show us your geeky tattoos, CNET readers

This is my 20-sided die tattoo, and it's boss. But let's see yours.

Matt's Dungeons & Dragons tattoo
Why, yes, I am a dungeon master. I'm sorry it's still a bit scabby, people. MattHickey/CNET

I'm 34 years old and I just got my first tattoo. I'm the type who can change my mind easily, and I've always hesitated to get any work done because while I'd be like, "Check it out, boss!" for the first two weeks, I figured I'd regret it the third.

So I held out until I came up with something I would love forever. One of the things I'm into is old-school role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. So, with that in mind, I went down to Under the Needle in Seattle with a coupon I won at trivia (oh, yeah, I'm that good) and asked for a 20-sided die.

I got one. That's it above. It's on the back of my right arm, 20 facing up, doing double damage. I'm still in love with it and likely always will be--even years from now when I'm using an iPhone 43 (I've heard rumors about it).

My new tattoo got us talking around the CNET water cooler about some of the other geeky tattoos we've spotted--the Windows 98 Blue Screen of Death and Apple-centric acronym, for example.

We're sure some of our readers have equally cool and/or geeky tattoos (hopefully both). E-mail a photo to crave at cnet dot com, with tattoo in the subject line, and be sure to tell us your name, location, and a bit about your marking. Next week or the week after we'll put up a gallery featuring all of the geeky ink (geenk?) you guys have shared with us. I'm sure someone can outdo me here.