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Shoulders-on with the Kata GDC R-101 camera rucksack

The Kata GDC R-101 is a padded, compartmentalised rucksack for carrying cameras and camera equipment. It's heavy, but very clever -- and we rather like it

Cravers are both stylish and practical, like a technology-loving hybrid of Agyness Deyn and Ray Mears. Similarly, Kata's stylish GDC range of rucksacks is also very practical for carrying about your digital camera or camcorder, with room for lenses, accessories and Jaffa Cakes. The R-101 is the smallest in the range, so is the most appealing to the enthusiast who may have a spare lens or two, a back-up compact and other bits and bobs to go alongside their medium-format SLR.

The main compartment of the bag is divided into sections for each of your accessories. The clever bit is that the dividers are formed of padded bits with velcro on, which can be removed and re-attached to each other and to the walls of the bag in any configuration you desire. This is also a fetching yellow colour, to complement your outfit -- and also to make your black plastic kit easier to quickly get hold of. The zips are chunky and sturdy for security, while the central compartment is accessible via a separate zip that means you don't have to open the whole bag to whip out your SLR.

There's also space for a laptop in the flat back pocket, although we had to remove some padding to fit in even our little 13-inch MacBook, and any larger would require a step up to a bigger bag.

The R-101's ergonomic harness includes even more serious padding, along with a five-point adjustment mechanism and waist strap. Two c-straps hold the camera attached to your bag, spreading the weight around your body rather than hanging on your neck. All the padding and sturdy straps mean it's not light, but as secure and stable storage for your kit when travelling goes, we're impressed.

When you purchase the R-101 for £100, you also get an extremely comfy padded SLR strap with integrated zip pockets. What more could you possibly desire? -Rich Trenholm