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Should phones be gender-neutral?

This pretty, shiny smartphone makes us wonder if girly phones are condescending.


I don't hate girly things. Shiny, pink objects actually excite me, but sometimes the marketing of gadgets to women takes the meat out of a product.

I've been oohing and aahing over the HTC Rhyme because it's so hot and sexy, but geez. I was so distracted by the gorgeous purple color that I didn't even notice what operating system was installed or why its processor is not as powerful as the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio--another recently released HTC Android phone.

HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio HTC

The Rhyme has a 1GHz processor, while the Sensation XE has 1.5GHz, dual core. Say what?! Women like dual-core processors, too. Ahem!

And don't even get me started about video recording--780p versus 1080p.

One look at the Sensation XE and it's clear that it's a man's phone. (OK, and goth girls too--don't hate me.)

All this made me think: Should gadgets be gender-neutral? And for argument's sake, if gadgets are going to have to be gender-specific (like pants and shoes), how different should the hardware be? Heck, the only reason pants and shoes are designed with gender in mind is because our bodies are made differently. That's a fact. But when it comes to technology and our use of mobile devices, are women that much different than men?

Now let's consider soap. Both men and women use it (like phones). Both men and women use it the same way--they apply it on skin, lather, and rinse off. So if that's the case, why do you have girly body washes on the one hand and masculine body washes on the other? It's not like women need less cleaning power than men. Axe is only Caress in disguise, mkay. Soap is soap. Take the soap out of the branded plastic bottles and one does exactly what the other one can. However, strip the Rhyme and Sensation XE of their fine cases and you'll see two very different devices--one more superior than the other. What gives?

Regardless, I love pink, purple, and sparkly things. I'd still buy the HTC Rhyme (reluctantly and with shame), but HTC, don't cheat me on my specs! I like my gadgets like I like my men: with muscles, beauty, and an off button.

Now it's your turn to weigh in: should mobile devices be gender-neutral?

This article originally appeared on CBSNews.com.