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Should be considered clawed and dangerous

Leopard for everyone but developers.

The Macalope's new neighbor Tom Krazit (note to self: must have him over for drinks) discovered that one of the feature-complete copies of Leopard distributed at WWDC has found its way onto file-sharing sites.

The Macalope's not exactly sure how the distribution was handled -- he knows they weren't just under the seats, they had to be picked up at a booth -- but if Apple's able to tie a developer ID to a particular copy, this strikes the furry one as probably the fastest way to get bounced from the program and have your membership in the Bertrand Serlet Fan Club revoked.

Meanwhile, the Macalope hears from one of the mermen he does pilates with that developers not well-heeled enough to attend WWDC are still cooling those same heels waiting to be able to download their copy.

Well, legally, anyway.

C'mon, Apple. If file sharers can find the time to do it, don't you think you could too?