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Shorter lines for pricey burgers as Shake Shack ups mobile rollout

The gourmet fast-food chain's ordering app expands its reach to more cities.


Burger-hungry people line up outside a Shake Shack.

Lori Grunin/CNET

Following Shake Shack's limited test of an ordering app in Manhattan (where it's too cold to stand in outdoor lines right now), the purveyor of Danny Meyer's super-popular, line-inducing gourmet hamburgers and concretes has expanded its mobile-ordering reach to more cities.

The Shake Shack app is now serving Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas (just in time for CES 2017!), as well as NYC boroughs other than Manhattan.

The app is currently for Apple iPhones only; an Android version is still in the works, according to Eater.

Hopefully this will make it less painful for locals everywhere to get a Shake Shack fix. In New York City at least, Shake Shack is usually inundated with tourists, making lunch visits impractical.