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ShopThis app lets you buy right from iPad magazine pages

Click on a product, confirm, and you've bought it. There's no need to leave the page you're reading.

The ShopThis initiative makes it easier than ever to buy on a whim. MasterCard

Shoppers, rejoice: Next time you're browsing the iPad edition of Wired magazine, you'll be able to buy even more impulsively than before.

The mag is rolling out a feature from MasterCard that lets you instantly purchase products in articles or ads without leaving the page on your tablet.

The credit card company is pushing ShopThis in conjunction with publisher Conde Nast to help readers indulge their whims simply by tapping a shopping cart icon.

The so-called "in-content purchasing" kicks off with Wired's November iOS tablet edition, available October 15, MasterCard announced at World Retail Congress 2013 in Paris.

The process works with MasterCard's MasterPass initiative for digital and mobile payments. Among other applications, MasterPass lets you use your smartphone as a credit card.

While browsing an article, for instance, readers would only have to click on a ShopThis-linked item highlighted in a photo, add it to their cart, and then keep reading.

The move comes as credit card companies are planning new digital tokens as a global payment standard.

ShopThis sounds very convenient if you're into impulse buying. But if you like a firm divide between editorial and advertising, you may find the line getting more blurry.