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​Shopping alert: Amazon's taking $8.62 off your $50 purchase today

You can't order on your Echo, though, and you can't get digital content or video games.

Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

Amazon's offering a one-day sale, and it's a pretty decent offer.

If you've been hoarding a bunch of stuff on your wish lists, now's a good day to hit purchase. Amazon's offering a discount of $8.62 on $50 or more all day today, a savings of 17 percent. Not on everything, but on a lot of things.

Amazon's celebrating with that particular discount because the company was given a score of 86.27 and first place in the 2017 Harris Poll Corporate Reputation Rankings, a poll taken by 23,000 people across the US. This year's rating was an all-time high. Wegmans, Publix Super Markets, Johnson & Johnson, Apple and UPS came in second through sixth.

Keep in mind, the offer doesn't apply to everything, and you can't order via every Amazon app and gadget. The code BIGTHANKS will trigger the discount, but only on and the Amazon Shopping mobile app. (You can't get the discount via Alexa, Prime Now or Amazon Restaurants.) Everything must be in one order, and it excludes digital content, video games and Amazon Gift Cards. And, discounts only apply on things sold by Amazon itself, not third parties.