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Shop Amazon from your BlackBerry

Amazon releases an application for BlackBerry that takes advantage of the device's track ball for a quick and simple way to shop.

Believe it or not, the way to help us get out of this recession is to shop as often as you can manage. And Amazon just made it even easier for you to do that, if you have a BlackBerry.


Amazon's iPhone app launched in December, and on Thursday the company released its Amazon App for BlackBerry. Like the iPhone app, this new application can be downloaded for free.

The app takes advantage of the BlackBerry's trackball for a quick and simple way to find, discover, and buy products from, as well as from thousands of other retailers.

Beyond that, according to Director of Amazon Mobile Sam Hall, the app also allows you to access the Amazon Remembers feature, which is an easy way to build an image list of products you want to remember for later or to make price comparisons across multiple merchants.

The coolest feature of the app is that it allows you to snap photos of a product with your BlackBerry, and the photos are automatically uploaded to The company will then try to find products similar to the ones in the photos. As soon as a product is found, you can purchase it immediately or save it to the "remember it" file in your Amazon account.

Other features of the app include:

  • Purchase using Amazon's 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime
  • Track packages or modify orders using the Your Account feature
  • Receive personalized recommendations
  • View editorial and customer reviews
  • Get the Gold Box Deal of the Day
  • Access to Wish List

There you go. Now you have no excuse not to shop, at least for inexpensive things. Just remember to do it responsibly.