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Shootin' the moon with Panasonic's SDR-T50

There's a lot of things you can peep with a 70x zoom lens--the moon being one.

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Panasonic's 2010 standard-definition camcorders all feature a 70x zoom lens (as did its 2009 models). That's a long range that I'm still not sure is entirely useful for most people. Mostly because you really need to have it on a tripod or other stable support so that the video isn't a nauseatingly shaky mess. That, and it's a little creepy that you can capture video of someone blocks away without their knowledge. On the other hand, you can do fun stuff like capture a movie of the moon with fairly good detail.

This video was shot using the SDR-T50 with the optical image stabilization on and me lying on my back, my arm tucked into my body and braced against the ground, and the camera close to my chest. That was as still as I could get and you see, it's still full of camera movement. The image stabilization definitely makes for smoother results, but it's far from stopping all movement. My point being, just because you have optical image stabilization, doesn't mean you can stop using a tripod.

If you're considering this or any other megazoom camcorder just keep in mind that to get the best results with the lens extended, you really can't hold the device while recording.

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