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Shoegler: Custom Google Nike shoes for geek feet

A Google employee creates a tribute to co-founder Larry Page with the Google x Nike Dunk Low. The custom sneakers feature Google's colors, logo, and photos of Page on the tongue.

Google x Nike Dunk Low
These shoes were made for programming. Nike

You don't have to have a pair of Marty McFly sneakers to wear your geek cred on your feet. Google co-founder Larry Page is the subject of an unusual tribute, the Google x Nike Dunk Low. This variation on the Nike Dunk Low shoe incorporates Google colors, the Google logo, and Page's signature.

To keep you on your toes, the sneakers also feature Page's face on each tongue. Two Larry Pages smiling from just under your pant legs should be a great way to freak people out.

The Google x Nike Dunk Low was designed by Evan Steinberg, Google community manager for Android and mobile. He refers to it as the "Shoegler" edition.

Admittedly, the custom creation looks like someone dropped a box of Crayola crayons onto a set of tennis shoes, but that's all part of the cut-and-paste charm. We're not sure exactly what Page thought about the tribute, but it seems he was happy to sign the shoes.

Unfortunately, Nike does not expect a public release of the Google x Nike Dunk Low, so you won't be seeing this flashy footgear flying through the air at your local pick-up basketball game.

If you happen to work for Google and have access to the Googleplex Gym, then your chances for spotting these sneakers in the wild are much improved.

(Via SneakerFiles)