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The wearable that gets you out of bed, one electric shock at a time

If you're a liberal user of the snooze button, this wearable alarm clock, currently seeking funds on Indigogo, can zap that bad habit out of you.


This is the Shock Clock. It's a wearable that guarantees you'll get up in the morning through the magic of classical conditioning and, well, electric shocks.

The wrist band trains you, in traditional Pavlovian style, to get your lazy self out of bed on time. When the alarm goes off, the band will first vibrate, then beep loudly. Finally, if you continue to snooze, it'll deliver an electric shock to your wrist. Over time, you'll be conditioned to respond to the vibration alone. Or you'll keep getting shocked. Either way.

Pavlok, the company behind this alarm clock, released a similar product in 2014, but this one was aimed at weaning you off your bad habits. Also with electric shocks.

Sadly, the project is still only a 10th of the way to the "Accountability" stretch goal, which in the words of founder Maneesh Sethi, introduces a function that "will let your friends know if you don't wake up -- and if you don't get out of bed, optionally give them the ability to zap you awake."

You can find the Shock Clock's Indiegogo campaign here, and for an earlybird pledge of $79, you too can zap yourself awake every morning.